Starting with insights about their stores and customers, we worked with IKEA to brand and build a program that revolutionised behaviour and spend.

The project.

A digital & data-driven customer engagement program, taken to market via a simple customer promise and brand campaign.

The outcome.

IKEA Family, a loyalty program that promised perks & discounts along with a multi-channel engagement strategy and an integrated system powering advanced personalisation.

Transforming the trip.

IKEA needed to find new ways to retain & connect with customers. However, when we met IKEA they didn’t know much about their customers or how they shopped.

30-second sign-up in store made joining easy.

Ambitious goals.

To compete in tough economic times, IKEA also needed innovative ways to acquire a massive member base fast, while reducing marketing cost.

30-second sign-up in store made joining easy.

3-pronged loyalty.

We worked with IKEA to build three kinds of program benefits that would be relevant and valuable to the Australian market, including inspiring ideas for home refreshment, reinventing the shop for less stress, and saving members money.

Family friend, Loyalty4.

IKEA family’s advanced customer recognition & reward features run on the capability of Loyalty4, our house-developed loyalty software. Each module of Loyalty4 enables data-driven features, insights and communication.

Collaboration & integration.

Our technologists worked with IKEA to integrate multiple systems, to enable a personalised customer experience across multiple touch points and best-in-class response times.

86% of joiners told us all about themselves in this 30-second form.

Profiling + automation.

A snackable 30-second sign-up was created that encouraged customers to volunteer data about themselves, and feel they’re entering a program that’s all about them. Technology automated the delivery of highly personalised communication.

86% of joiners told us all about themselves in this 30-second form.

Right time, right sibling.

The system took volunteered data that customers provided on sign up, along with dynamic transactional and behavioural data, to enable offers that knew family members like blood.