Hendrick's needed an antidote to a strong movement towards locally distilled craft gins, and we found the answer in a curiously bred cucumber.

The project.

To think innovatively about how Hendricks Gin could engage a local Australian market
 and make relevant an old drink from the other side of the world.

See how to grow a socially-nurtured cucumber.

The outcome.

A campaign shaped and evolved by the customer, resulting in the world’s first socially-nurtured, Australian cucumber variety.

See how to grow a socially-nurtured cucumber.

Crowd cucumbering.

Picking up on an interesting ingredient in Hendricks, our creative teams came up with an idea to draw people into the Hendricks story, and actually be a part of it: using social channels to co-create a cucumber.

34.4% Facebook fan-base growth in two months

Where our baby cucumbers grew big.

Creating the CX.

We set up a greenhouse, and a team of cucumberists, who planted seedlings. Facebook was the customer’s platform for participation in nurturing the cucumbers.

Social polling.

Our audience voted on everything from which unusually Australian ingredients the cucumbers were fertilised with, to which Aussie musos would serenade the fledging seedlings!

15 million facebook viewers tuned in to our cucumbery content.

Grand reveal.

Over 7,000 Unusually Australian Cucumbers were distributed to 360 of Australia’s top bars for an exclusive Harvest event. Customers were beyond eager to sample the bespoke Hendrick’s cocktails inspired by their creation.

Crates of 7,000 socially raised cucumbers hit bars