Turning insights from Google into a customer centric experience that drove increased conversion online for American Express.

The project.

Leverage Google’s strengths to American Express’ advantage; re-designing and engineering the American Express dot.com experience to improve user experience, organic traffic, page rankings and, in turn, prospect conversion.

The outcome.

Customer centric experience designed with best practice IA, UX / UI, and educational content rich in keywords to support customers in finding what they want, and most importantly converting.

Customer & SEO optimised.

Keyword analysis, consumer insight, content themes, and learnings from existing content provided the inputs for a collaborative, iterative and cross-disciplinary project, delivering for the needs of both man and machine.

AC&E Award - Highly Commended in the best use of search category.

Cross-disciplinary team.

We collaborated with American Express in a fast paced and agile environment. Strategy, UX, design, developers and project management, along with subject matters experts all worked together to solve for the problem.

Monthly new customers acquired.

Conversion transformation.

The first iteration saw us launch 28 new pages, housed directly on the American Express CMS. Together they formed a new customer experience that would provide direct value to prospects, and perform against Google’s tough page rank metrics.

Monthly new customers acquired.

Continuous optimisation.

Google's algorithm keeps evolving, therefore so does the experience. Regular updates are made based on usability test results, page rank performance and the competitive landscape.